Venezuelan military accused of murder of five Brazilian miners in Amazonas

Venezuelan military accused of murder of five Brazilian miners in Amazonas

Venezuela sent a mixed commission made up of members of the Dgcim, Cicpc and the Public Ministry to the border to clarify the facts, but they have not issued any official statement on the death of the Brazilian miners

The Brazilian authorities confirmed the murder of five Brazilian miners who were extracting natural resources on the border between Venezuela and Brazil.

The bodies of four men and one woman were found last Sunday, August 7, in the Constitución sector of Cerro Delgado Chalbaud, Alto Orinoco municipality in Amazonas state, a region located on the border between the two countries.

According to testimonies in the area, those responsible would have been members of the Venezuelan National Guard.

“Here are the bullets, I got the shells from the bullets. It was the guards who killed them here in Chalbaud, ”said a witness from an indigenous community in an audiovisual material recorded at the scene, where the bodies can be seen on the ground.

To clarify the facts, the Venezuelan government decided to send a mixed commission to the scene to investigate what happened.

The commission is made up of representatives of the Public Ministry, the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (Dgcim) and the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (Cicpc).

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The movement’s political articulation coordinator Garimpo is Legal, Jailson Mesquita, took the complaint to the Brazilian Federal Police and assured that the miners were killed while they slept. He called for an investigation of the case and requested support from the authorities to remove the bodies.

The five bodies were transferred on Wednesday, August 10, by helicopter back to Brazil, to the Institute of Legal Medicine and forensic examinations are carried out to determine the causes of death and carry out the corresponding analysis.

The country’s authorities are also carrying out their investigations and trying to determine responsibilities that could intensify tensions between Brazil and Venezuela.

According to the Brazilian medium Royal Amazon, the miners were extracting mineral resources at the Taboca mine, an illegal gold mine controlled by an illegal miner known as Branquinho, who would appear on the list of victims. On the other hand, initial reports indicate that the woman would be in charge of cooking for the rest of the group.

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