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Huerta on the flight of ‘Lay Vásquez’ on the presidential plane: “It is a reserved investigation”

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Huerta on the flight of 'Lay Vásquez' on the presidential plane: "It is a reserved investigation"

The Minister of the Interior, asserted that the case of the relatives of the president who traveled on the presidential plane, including an alleged nephew named “Lay Vásquez Castillo”, is being investigated in a confidential manner “by the competent authority.”

In dialogue with the press, the minister claimed to have a mandate from the head of state to fight corruption.

“There is a presumption of a fact, the investigations are reserved, but we are fighting against corruption, the president has arranged for us to fight against this scourge and we are constantly and permanently with the other institutions in the fight against corruption. On the subject of the plane, it is a reserved investigation, which is being investigated by the competent authority.”, told the media from a police event in La Victoria.

Along these lines, he said that they are providing facilities for investigations into this case.

His statements come after President Pedro Castillo ruled out that his nephew Fray Vásquez Castillo, a fugitive from justice, had traveled on the presidential plane to Chiclayo.

Last weekend, the Centro Liber portal revealed that an alleged nephew of the president identified “Lay Vásquez Castillo” traveled on a presidential plane flight, whose data does not appear in Reniec. The similarity of this name with that of Fray Vásquez, investigated for allegedly integrating a criminal organization, is striking.

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