Happy Efrain; “Cartes is a person committed to organized crime”

Efraín Alegre, presidential candidate for the Coalition, affirmed in the program “In favor and against” of channel 5Días that the negative situation that the country is going through had its turning point in 2013, when Horacio Cartes became president of the Republic. .

“He is a person committed to organized crime. We said at the time that we should not make mistakes at the time of the vote. We must say these things up front, because later it is too late. We can say that between 1989 and 2013 were the best times of transition with a democracy that builds institutions but does not generate solutions”, she commented.

He affirmed that the Paraguay that we have at this moment is one that is greatly diminished in its institutions. Since the dictatorship it is suffering its worst moment. He stressed that the country is building an institutional framework. “Today we see that the construction process that was once important is collapsing,” he said.


At another point, he made an assessment of the situation of the traditional parties. He stated that the Colorado Party is not currently in government or in the Governing Board. He pointed out that the only one who suffers in this situation is the member who is disappointed in how his party manages the country.

Regarding his party, he maintained that the PLRA has taken fundamental steps of greatness, however, like the other parties, it continues to be indebted to the population.

“They are different responsibilities. Today the PLRA has assumed that situation, the Coalition is an unprecedented political project where the parties say that it is time to listen to the citizens”, he stated.


When asked about Euclides Acevedo, who is being questioned for allegedly capturing votes from the opposition in order to facilitate the victory of the ANR, he stated that he still cannot define the candidate. “We have to see if he will be a vote divider. He is seen more as a Colorado candidate than an opposition candidate,” he commented.

About Soledad Núñez, her sheet metal partner who is questioned for being housing minister during the Cartes government, said that not all the people who worked with the former president can be condemned.

“This goes beyond a political competition. We never get tired of repeating, after he said it, the United States agreed with us. Soledad Núñez did not join to continue in government. From the administrative point of view, she managed well. The Concertación is not against the Colorados either, but with them,” she stated.

Finally, regarding Santiago Peña, a candidate for the presidency for “Honor Colorado” and one of the strongest candidates to fight for the presidency in the 2023 general elections, he maintained that one can make the decision to go to any party if it disappoints him. But, it cannot be changed by obligation, since this denigrates the person who does it, alluding to the obligation that Peña received to join the Colorado Party to continue being Minister of Finance during the Cartes government.

“There is nothing more humiliating than joining to continue being a minister. With a president without character, there will be a disaster management like that of Mario Abdo Benítez”, he commented.

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