«Saque su cubeta, saque su tanque»: la Policía lleva agua a La Ciénaga

“Take out your bucket, take out your tank”: the Police take water to La Ciénaga

The National Policeas part of the social assistance after the passage of hurricane fionareturned to the La Ciénaga sector, in the National District, to bring free water to its residents.

A video posted by Lieutenant Colonel and athlete Gabriel Mercedesshows the uniformed spokesman, Colonel Diego Pesqueiramake a call from a unit of the institution to the inhabitants of said neighborhood so that they come to look for the precious liquid.

“Attention my community of La Ciénaga, take out your bucket, take out your gallon, take out your bucket, take out your tank; The National Police brings water for you to meet your needs”Pesqueira encouraged.

The audiovisual was commented on by several users on Twitter, who applauded the initiative, while others complained about the levels of crime in their respective sectors.

It is recalled that all government institutions remain actively involved against the crisis generated by the atmospheric phenomenon, mainly towards the eastern and northeastern regions of the country.

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