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Huancayo: Nine months in preventive detention for a subject who abused a child under 12 years of age

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The Second Office of the First Corporate Provincial Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Violence against Women and Members of the Family Group of Huancayo, in charge of the Provincial Prosecutor, María Adriana Gutiérrez Fernández, obtained nine months of preventive detention for Carlo Danny Valero Castillo (20) for being involved in the alleged crime against sexual freedom in the form of rape of a minor, to the detriment of a 12-year-old girl.

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During the preventive detention hearing, the Deputy Prosecutor, Flor Romero Sánchez, demonstrated before the First Sub-Specialty Preparatory Investigation Court for crimes associated with Violence Against Women and Members of the Family Group of the Superior Court of Justice of Junín, founded and serious elements of conviction that estimate the commission of said crime, by the accused, who on August 15, would have consummated the outrage inside the house of the minor.

The prosecutor’s thesis states that the investigated arrived at the victim’s home located in the center of Huancayo, when the girl’s mother was outside the house shopping, she asked to borrow the bathroom and it was then that she entered and drove to the minor to the toilet, where he outraged her.

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It should be noted that weeks before the minor told her mother that the subject insinuated asking her to be her lover. The mother finally denounced the person under investigation because she found the accused in flagrante delicto at her home, therefore, she requested the intervention of members of the National Police who arrested the subject who currently has a relationship and a three-year-old daughter.

Finally, the Provincial Prosecutor, María Adriana Gutiérrez Fernández, stated that the pre-trial detention requirement was achieved, since the possibility of flight danger and obstruction of the process was supported for the accused, who does not have a job or a fixed address.


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