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They charge a man who drunkenly groped his stepdaughter

A couple reported that they were victims of extortion by two agents of the Grupo Lince in the city of Concepción. Both policemen were identified, detained and under investigation.

Wilson Antonio Agüero Giménez (23) and Concepción Gómez Chávez (27) are the police officers who are under investigation for an act of extortion, robbery and illegitimate deprivation of liberty.

This occurred after the complaint filed by Carlos Ramón Benítez (31) and Liz Carolina Ocampos (30), who pointed out that in the early hours of Thursday, August 25, when they were at a service station in the Bernardino Caballero neighborhood of Concepción, they were intercepted by the agents of the Grupo Lince, who first took a million guaraníes from him, then planted drugs on him, and then proceeded to threaten them to give them more money so as not to end up in the police station.

The victims said that the police arrived at the site in a white car, without a license plate, they searched them and the extortion began. Carlos Benítez said that they took his fanny pack where they planted a dose of cocaine and threatened that they were going to take them to jail. At that point, the man gave him a million guaraníes, which was what he had at the time, but the police wanted 15 million.

Finally, the agents took the money and set the couple free, but Benítez managed to record the police and the vehicle in which they were traveling with his cell phone.

This evidence was key so that after filing the complaint, it was possible to identify Agüero and Gómez, who are now detained at the disposal of ordinary justice and also of Internal Affairs of the National Police.

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