How to read your INE: QR code and other elements that make it up

How to read your INE: QR code and other elements that make it up

The latest version of the voting card was released in 2019. According to the National Electoral Institute (INE), it is presented as the most reliable and secure, as it integrates technological elements that make it “unique in the country.”

If you have this version, then we tell you what are the elements that make it up so you can read it.

On the front

On the front of your identification is your photograph. In addition to other information that you already know such as your name, signature and address, you will find your CURP, date of birth, year of registration on the electoral roll, section (which works to know where you should vote, gender and the validity of the INE.

Among the elements that are not so obvious is the implementation of UV ink, which is evident when the identification is placed under black light.

Among other security elements, the voter card has tactile reliefs, microtext, optically variable elements and ghost photography.

What do the data behind the INE mean?

Screenshot 2022-05-23 181036.png

In the last two versions of this document, the appearance of QR codes is striking, in the 2019 version there are three and they are on the back of the identification.

The first, smaller, is in the lower right corner. This element can be scanned by a “smart” phone and leads to a page of services offered by the INE for citizens, where you can access to schedule an appointment, locate the corresponding module, verify the validity of your Credential.

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