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How much will train and bus tickets cost from January 1

The minimum ticket will go from 25.20 to 35 pesos / Photo: Eliana Obregón.

As of next Sunday, January 1, 2023, the values ​​of the fare for buses and trains in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area will be updated, in just under 10 pesos for buses and less than 6 pesos for trains, as reported this Friday the Ministry of Transport.

The increases will materialize while maintaining the social attributes in the most vulnerable sectors, and guaranteeing access to public transport for all Argentines.

In this sense, without considering in the equation the social attributes provided by the SUBE card, for collectives of the AMBA the minimum ticket will go from 25.20 pesos to 35 pesos, only representing an update of less than 10 pesos.

Social rates will be maintained
Social rates will be maintained.

For the rest of the sections, between 3 and 6 km the rate will be 39 pesos, between 6 and 12 km will be 42 pesos, between 12 and 27 km will be 45 pesos and more than 27 km will be 48 pesos. To all these values, in case of having the social rate, the corresponding 55% discount will be applied.

At the same time for the AMBA railway services, the update in certain services is less than 5 pesos. In other words, the minimum train ticket will go from 17.25 pesos to 22 pesos on the Miter, Sarmiento and San Martín lines; on the Urquiza line, from 11.25 pesos to 17 pesos; on the Roca and Belgrano Sur lines, from 10.75 pesos to 17 pesos, and on the Belgrano Norte line, from 9.50 pesos to 17 pesos.

These values, which represent an average increase of 6 pesos, will be discounted 55% to the sectors that are part of the social rate.

The Rate values ​​will be adjusted monthly from March 2023 and until December 2023taking into account the General Level Consumer Price Index of the Greater Buenos Aires Region surveyed by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC).

If the last index distributed in November 2022 of 4.9% is taken as a parameter, the projections estimate an update of approximately 1.70 pesos.

social rates

The The Ministry of Transportation will maintain the social rate that represents a 55% discount in each ticket in public transport, for the groups designated with social attributions through the SUBE card.

The benefit applies to Retirees and pensioners; students of the Progresar program, domestic workers; Falklands War veterans, beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance, Pregnancy Allowance, Youth Program with More and Better Jobs, Unemployment Insurance, Training and Employment Insurance, Program to Promote Equal Opportunities, National Program for Socio-productive Inclusion and Local Development “Potenciar Trabajo” (which are also incorporated in all the localities of the SUBE system), Non-Contributory Pensions; Social Monotributistas registered in the National Registry of Effectors of Local Development and Social Economy (Redles).

In turn, the Red Sube program will continue to be in force at AMBA, and it is cumulative to the social rate, which covers five combinations of public transport -whether trains, buses and subway- in two hours, and which applies a discount of 50 percent of the fare at the time of the second trip, and 75 percent less than the value of the fare from the third trip made within a maximum transfer period of two hours.

A total of 4,773,000 people have already registered their SUBE card as part of the sectors corresponding to social attributes, who, when using public transport, will have access to fare discounts.

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