Family denounces dispossession of their plot in Aragua

Family denounces dispossession of their plot in Aragua

Carlos Rodríguez and his relatives denounced that the National Land Institute (Intt) applies a measure to try to evict us from their lands.

The 17-hectare property is located in the La Cuarta settlement, Libertador municipality (Palo Negro), Aragua. This plot is dedicated to planting corn for the use of the seed. There 70 direct jobs are generated.

Rodríguez explained that an Inti commission showed up at the settlement with some people to whom they would presumably deliver the parcel.

“They accuse us of being outsourced, since our uncle José Concepción Martín is the one who runs this property,” Rodríguez declared. ”This is a family unit, we are not outsourcers,” he said.

The Inti agents ordered José Concepción, who is 90 years old, to sign a notice informing him of the opening of a procedure to revoke the land award title and Agrarian Registration Letter.

Rodríguez, José Concepción’s nephew, attended the official and recorded the procedure where a group of agents of the Bolivarian National Guard are observed. “Is a GNB contingent coming to deliver a simple notification?” Rodríguez asked the official.

The Rodríguez family notified the Venezuelan Peasant Federation, whose ad-doc board appointed by the Supreme Court of Justice is chaired by Emma Ortega.

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