Rains have already caused the death of seven people in São Paulo

Rains have already caused the death of seven people in São Paulo

The heavy rains that hit the state of São Paulo this week caused the death of seven people between Tuesday (27) and yesterday (29). The balance sheet was released by the state Civil Defense. Five of these deaths were registered in the city of Araraquara.Rains have already caused the death of seven people in São Paulo

The rain opened a crater on an avenue in the city and a car passing by the place ended up being swallowed and dragged by the water. According to Civil Defense, five people from the same family who were in the vehicle died and one remains missing. The prefecture of Araraquara decreed official three-day mourning in memory of the victims.

In Campinas, where the accumulated rainfall reached 183 millimeters, the death of a man who had his vehicle hit by a tree was recorded. In São Carlos, the rains were even heavier and reached 238 millimeters accumulated, causing the death of a 52-year-old woman who was swept away by the flood. In Itupeva, São João da Boa Vista, Sumaré and Monte Mor, the rains left several families homeless.

From the 1st of December until the last assessment made by the Civil Defense, which was released late yesterday afternoon, 13 deaths were recorded as a result of the rains throughout the state of São Paulo. Three people remain missing.

According to the Civil Defense balance sheet, 303 people were left homeless because of the rains that occurred during the month of December and another 1,244 were displaced. In all, 54 municipalities in São Paulo were affected by the December rains.

The rain warning issued by the agency, last Tuesday, is in effect until today (30), and may be extended until the weekend.

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