How does crime operate in the Backwater where the Army carried out the operation?

How does crime operate in the Backwater where the Army carried out the operation?

On March 28, a military operation by the Army was carried out in the village of El Remanso in Puerto Leguízamo, which 11 people died.

Noticias RCN learned of documents that were on a USB memory that military intelligence found before the operation, in which they talk about how crime operates in the place. The document called “border command political-military organization” was issued in May 2020.

Intelligence says that the “compendium of instruction”, as they called it themselves, was socialized in regular meetings with the inhabitants of the Alto Remanso. papers.

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They said that weapons are to defend their lives, fighting brothers, family members and the community to which they belong. Every member must be recognized as an important part of the structure. In addition, they are clear that when a colleague is detained by the authorities, he will have the support of the structure.

On the other hand, they teach how to use a weapon. “When you are going to make a shot, analyze or think about the trajectory that the projectile can follow.”

All these files made military intelligence target the structure that was born to live off drug trafficking, according to the Army.

The Border Commandos do not dress like combatants and have large amounts of coca leaf crops.

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