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Cuba’s main thermoelectric plant out of service again

MADRID, Spain.- The Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas thermoelectric plant (CTE), the largest generator in Cuba, has been out of service again since this weekend.

The entity announced through Facebook that due to this, affectations to the electrical service are forecast during the hours of greatest demand.

For its part, the Electric Union of Cuba (UNE) ratified that “because of this incident, and because a group of thermoelectric plants are undergoing maintenance to ensure the summer, the reserve for the national electricity system to operate normally is insufficient.”

According to the UNE, they work uninterruptedly to return the Guiteras thermoelectric unit to the National Electric System.

“In these circumstances, saving and rational use of energy in our homes becomes more important,” said the Electric Union.

The official newspaper Granma indicated this Sunday night that “the breakdown is not related to the one that occurred in the middle of the previous month in that area itself, and that the plant has the technical forces and resources to undertake the repair work”.

While the newspaper Giron He specified that it is due to “breaks in the water walls of the CTE boiler that caused another exit from the block.”

Cuba's main thermoelectric plant out of service again

After the CTE Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas went out of service last March, a fuel crisis was generated in almost the entire country, which caused several hours of queues at many gas stations and empty pumps for days.

According to him cuban regime This situation was due in part to the failure that occurred at the Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant.

However, Cuban users on social networks considered that the strike could have been premeditated, to justify the lack of fuel in the country.

Faced with the new rupture, the Cuban population has reacted again.

“That’s what happens when they build hundreds of hotels and leave a thermoelectric plant without maintenance for 10 years. Get ready for the next social outburst,” he commented. Donetian Alphonse Francois de Sade.

For his part, René Nodarse stated: “It’s incredible, one trembles when he sees an advertisement from you. Nothing good, and hopeless because all the thermoelectric plants are in poor condition and the fuel deficit is real. It’s time to breathe and move on, but don’t doubt that they create a very great discomfort in the town “.

While Adiel González Maimó denounced: “What disrespect! Later, when they launch a #SOSCuba, they say that they are campaigns orchestrated by the empire, but the blackouts are one of the things that annoy the most and move the population to demonstrate. And no one from the outside has to tell this population that is tired and annoyed by these blackouts (added to other ills) to express the discontent caused from within, by inefficient companies like you.”

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