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House approves bill that punishes those who encourage violence in traffic

The House plenary approved this Wednesday (2) the bill that prohibits the disclosure of infractions that put traffic safety at risk. The text punishes disclosure made by digital, electronic or printed means of any kind. The matter goes to presidential sanction.House approves bill that punishes those who encourage violence in traffic

“People who, using their social networking tools, post on known, important social networks, cracks, speeds above 200 kilometers per hour, a whole series of infractions, traffic infractions that sometimes end up causing death, or, sometimes, putting people’s lives at risk. This project establishes rules and punishment specifically for this situation”, explained the rapporteur, deputy Hugo Leal (PSD-RJ).

The approved proposal extends the ban on the dissemination, publication or dissemination of conduct that puts the physical integrity of oneself and third parties at risk or that constitute a traffic crime and the dissemination in electronic and printed media. The exception will be for publications by third parties that intend to denounce these acts as a form of public utility.

According to the approved text, whoever discloses these acts will be punished with a very serious fine multiplied by ten, also applicable to legal entities.

Companies that own the dissemination channel or digital platforms that do not remove the content within 24 hours of the notification will be subject to a very serious fine multiplied by 50.

In cases of recidivism in these crimes within 12 months, the penalties will be doubled.

For those who disclose images with these contents, the proposal also provides for the penalty of suspension for 12 months of driving license or permission, also applicable to the driver of vehicles who participate in the infractions. The penalty will be applied regardless of the infraction and the suspension process may start within 12 months from the disclosure of the images. Even if the content is removed, the offender may be punished with suspension of the National Driver’s License (CNH).

In case of recurrence in disclosing the infractions within two years, the license will be forfeited. In cases where there is no license, the driver will be prohibited from obtaining it for the period of suspension or revocation, according to the penalty applicable to the case.

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