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Honor Colorado closes its campaign in the capital before a massive presence

The act began shortly after 8:30 p.m. this Monday, before a crowd of adherents of the Honor Colorado movement in the capital, who were present to meet their candidates.

The presidential duo Santiago Peña – Pedro Alliana was present, as well as the candidate for senator Lizarella Valiente and other references such as Raúl Latorre, Oscar “Nenecho” Rodríguez, Turi Capello and Julio “Bollo” González.

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One of the first to deliver her speech was to the pre-candidate for the Senate, Lizarella Valiente, next It was the turn of her husband and current mayor of Asunción, Oscar “Nenecho” Rodríguez, who accompanies him closely in all political acts within the framework of the campaign for December 18.

At the same time, Peña said that in the capital the Honor Colorado movement has a “powerful leadership” and valued the “silent work” of all the Sectional presidents.

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Peña also thanked the support of his duo, the pre-candidate for Vice President of the Republic and current president of the Governing Board, Peter Alliana, with whom he came touring every corner of the country during these months.

The entrance Honor Colorado closes its campaign in the capital before a massive presence was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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