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Hondurans, Cubans and Haitians star in refugee applications in Mexico

According to the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (Comar), Honduran citizens are today in the first place as asylum seekers in Mexico, with a total of 11,175 petitions before the authorities between January and May of this year.

They are followed by the Cubans, with 9,698 petitions in the same period, and in third place are the Haitians, with 7,362 files, followed by Venezuelans (5,516 petitions) and Nicaraguans (3,390).

The entity has documented the high levels registered in the second half of 2021, of between 9,000 and just over 10,000 monthly requests presented to the Mexican government with the purpose of continuing in Mexico.

The sums per year are located as follows: in 2020 there were 40,948 requests for this type of protection; in 2021, 130,256, and so far this year, 48,981.

Cubans in Mexico. Photo: CM.

In the most recent statistics from Comar, released today, Wednesday, June 1, it is recorded that from 2013 to date, Mexico has resolved 121,000 refugee cases, of which 79,278 received a positive response, while 8,559 were gave complementary protection, that is, they do not have refugee status, but in this way they can remain in the country.

If the number of open application files is considered, right now the list of nationalities is located as follows: Honduras, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Senegal, Colombia, and others.

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