Christian Nodal offends J Balvin in the best Resident style

the hairor has it been the only physical change of Christian Nodal, Well, recently he revealed that he had a new tattoo that crosses his face.

Likewise, through his social networks, the popular music singer answered J Balvin in storiesapparently a little offended.

“That I do have carnal talent and i can sing proudly my compositions wherever, however, whenever, with pride. That your photo was chosen by you and mine was uploaded by the press, “she wrote.

Nodal then recorded himself while listening to ‘Music Session #49’ by BZRP and Residente, in which the Puerto Rican dedicates a ‘tiradera’ to J Balvin.

“I’m sorry, I also woke up a joker,” wrote the Mexican singer in another of his stories.

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