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Herrerita leader asked Penedés to resign from the party

Herrerita leader asked Penedés to resign from the party

The waters began to divide in favor of and against the nationalist Gustavo Penedés.

The journalist Eduardo Prevé has just indicated that “a prominent Herrerita leader asked Gustavo Penedés to resign from the National Party once Parliament votes on his impeachment, according to different white sources. The senator remains in his position of waiting for Justice.

The sexual crimes prosecutor, Alicia Ghione, requested the impeachment of Penedés who is now on leave. There are so far eight complaints of sexual exploitation against the legislator.

the procedure

The prosecutor’s request was submitted to a criminal judge, who in turn referred it to the Supreme Court of Justice, and the latter forwarded it to the president of the General Assembly, Beatriz Argimón.

Argimón has declared in the press that the request of the prosecutor Ghione will be given an “urgent procedure”.
The privileges do not belong to the legislator, but to the Chamber, therefore, no matter how much Penadés resigns from Parliament, if the Chamber does not vote his violation, he cannot be tried.

To withdraw the privileges and face justice, the Senate must have 21 votes in favor of the violation.

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