Héctor Rodríguez: in Miranda we are ready for grassroots elections

Héctor Rodríguez: in Miranda we are ready for grassroots elections

From the facilities of the Papa Carrillo gym, Sucre municipality, the governor of the Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez, presented the leaders of the 21 municipalities of the entity.

Rodriguez, stated that everything is ready so that this weekend, the promoters of the party will be chosen.

The regional president highlighted how the union has been essential to survive the sanctions and the economic blockade.

“Imperialism makes an effort to divide us, we have to make an effort to unite, to add, to get involved,” he reiterated.

“A new era has begun (…) We are going to rebuild the homeland, the prosperity, the dignity of our people. We are going to build history », he expressed when referring to the deployment of the assemblies, this weekend.

“We are going to meet on Saturday to choose the promoters of the country,” he said.

The mayor of the Sucre municipality, José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, was present at the activity, accompanied by the first lady of the municipality and deputy of the National Assembly, Gabriela Chacón.

“As Governor Héctor Rodríguez has pointed out, the election must be held with honest, revolutionary, hard-working and fighting people, that’s why we have to go out on the streets, we have to participate in this electoral party of the PSUV, which will be carried out with joy and commitment,” he said.

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