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Heber will meet today with white senators for a complaint against Carrera

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, will meet in the next few hours with the group of white senators to analyze the accusations made through the media against Senator Charles Carrera, who is accused of abusing his functions in an episode in which that a young man was injured in the department of Rocha.

The Senator of the Seregnista-Progressive Current (CSP) Mario Bergara expressed: “We support comrade Charles Carrera in what we consider a mess operation like so many that we are visualizing, referring to former FA government officials.”

“Charles gave his explanations and if there is something to settle in the judicial sphere, there is the judicial sphere,” Bergara stated, who maintained that “without a doubt” it is a closed issue for the political force at the moment.

The minister stated that it was internal affairs that eradicated the complaint. “Why does he understand that there may be signs of crimes?” He questioned himself.

The Frente Amplio senator and former director general of the Ministry of the Interior during part of the administration of former minister Eduardo Bonomi, Charles Carrera, was criminally denounced by that ministry after the program Watchword spread a Audio that provides new information about a case that occurred in 2012.

The incident dates back to 2012 in La Paloma, Rocha, when Víctor Hernández, 27, was hit by a stray bullet, which lodged in his spinal cord and left him paralyzed. That day, the deputy police commissioner of the spa, Marcos Martínez, was celebrating his birthday a few meters from Hernández’s house; the victim denounced that the bullet came from that celebration. Ten years later, and through criminal and civil complaints, the case remains without a resolution.

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, stated that “indications of crimes” were found in the case of Víctor Hernández. In turn, at a press conference he commented that the investigation was carried out by internal affairs.

Regarding the accusations of the Broad Front senator Charles Carrera, Heber assured that there is no persecution and that “in Uruguay there is no crown for anyone.”

“There is no better defense than a good attack,” the minister remarked, adding that it was internal affairs that eradicated the complaint. “Why do you understand that there may be signs of crimes?” He questioned himself and assured that it is not an order on his part.

For his part, Senator Charles Carrera stated that “there was no cover-up” and “everything was in accordance with the law.”

The Broad Front senator explained that “the Minister of the Interior at that time, Eduardo Bonomi, was concerned and interested because an institution like SERPAJ came.” Carrera said that her family had a “very bad situation” and that to help her they provided food tickets at her time. She stated that this was public for the police institution and for the Police Hospital.

“At that time, the commissioner was added and removed from office. Administrative actions were taken,” said Senator Charles Carrera. “It is a case that could not be proven from a criminal point of view. The shot came from that house, from that place, but there is no evidence », he specified. The senator maintained that “there was no cover-up. Everything was adjusted to law and we have the peace of mind of the case ». «My expressions were not happy at the time, but after several calls, pressure and blackmail. I never thought they were making an illegal recording of me. I was angry and pressured,” Carrera said about one of the released audios. “I was from 2010 to 2017 at the Ministry of the Interior, and in many cases we had to come out and show our faces,” he said. And he added that a lot of work was done by the Police. «In my opinion it is an invented, armed cause. This is a political persecution of Minister Luis Alberto Heber,” Carrera said, adding that this is due to the complaints he has been making.

tax investigation

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates why the civilian was treated at the Military Hospital and the Rocha Court announces the incident itself

The judicial and crime prosecution authorities are carrying out two parallel investigations related to the complaint of Víctor Hernández, a man who was left paralyzed after being shot in the back in an incident that, 10 years later, still has no identified perpetrators.

The incident occurred in the La Paloma de Rocha resort. The day of the event, the deputy commissioner of the Police, a neighbor of Hernández, celebrated his birthday with a party at his property. The victim indicated that he heard gunshots, something unusual in the area, so he looked out into the street. At that moment he saw how they were celebrating by shooting at the house. After seeing what was happening, he turned around to go into the house and at that moment he fell to the floor, after being hit by a bullet.

On July 13, the Ministry of the Interior filed a complaint against those who managed the portfolio at that time. The case became media coverage after this weekend the program Watchwordwill present a report on the subject where audios of the now senator and then secretary of the Ministry, Charles Carrera, were published, talking with the victim and his family.

Internment in the Police Hospital and issuance of food tickets

Hernández denounced the fact civilly and criminally. After the incident, the victim had to spend eight months in the Hospital de Clínicas, where, according to Víctor’s brother, Carrera visited him up to three times.

Although he was not a police officer, Carrera coordinated the transfer of the man to the Police Hospital for treatment there. For this, the now senator managed the process of this person as sub-assistant.

Likewise, the victim assured that the portfolio gave him 20 thousand pesos in food tickets month by month. The Hernández family assured that all this was to buy silence for the incident.

According to what was indicated by sources from the Prosecutor’s Office to Diario La R, the investigations into the denounced fact are carried out in two instances. On the one hand, the prosecutor Ricardo Lackner is carrying out the proceedings to investigate why Hernández received treatment at the Police, when he did not correspond to him. In this case, work is being done to determine if there was abuse of functions or some other type of crime.

On the other hand, being a fact of 2012, the investigation to determine responsibilities regarding who fired the bullet is carried out by the code of the past criminal procedure. Due to this, the Court of Rocha is the one in charge of the proceedings.

Social Security

Bergara said that the parliamentarian also maintained that his sector presented an open letter to the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, in which he sets his position on the social security reform.

“CSP issued a statement where basically there are two parts. In the first place, to celebrate that the president -in a republican gesture- has gone to the headquarters of the Broad Front to present his ideas, ”said the legislator.

“We cling to the position of the president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, that we are going to rigorously analyze the proposal with a view that the reform is comprehensive and one cannot comment on isolated variables, but that we also need to comment on the proposal that is effectively be on the table in the parliamentary arena”.

“First, that they settle the differences within the framework of the government coalition. Cabildo Abierto, for example, has made a difference, has said that it will need several weeks for the analysis. We know that the issue of the Caja Militar is under discussion,” said Bergara.

“That is the spirit of saying: we are going to study the proposal. We have formed a team of more than 25 people, but we are going to issue an opinion once the agreement advances within the coalition of what is effectively the proposal that is going to be discussed in the parliamentary orbit with a comprehensive vision”.

According to Bergara, certain criteria should prevail for the AF: equitable treatment of all institutes, financial sustainability with social sustainability, a logic of equity and rights.

Asked if there are differences in the FA and how they are resolved, Bergara pointed out that they are resolved with the application of the program of the political force in which there is talk of a necessary reform, “which is not just any reform (…) and that we must do it with those criteria.

In contrast to the celebration of the republican gesture of presenting the project to the FA, Bergara recalled that in the open letter he reproaches himself for declaring that in 15 years nothing was done in terms of social security, highlighting that “yes, things were done”.

“Three box reforms were made: the Police Box, the Bank Box, the Military Box. They aimed to reduce inequities, to reduce the deficit”.

Bergara recalled that the National Party did not vote for the reforms, especially the one referring to the Military Fund, counting on the vote against the initiative of a legislator who is now in the ranks of the National Party.

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