Rectors denounce violation of labor rights in the university sector

The unionized rectors in Averu affirm that the last two actions of the Executive related to the fractionation in the payment and reduction of premiums and salary bonuses, have generated the greatest injuries to human rights and to the work of the public sector

The Venezuelan Association of University Rectors (Averu) sent a statement to the Minister of University Education, Tibisay Lucena, in which they denounce the violation of the labor, salary and health rights of the personnel assigned to the country’s universities.

“We address you as rectors grouped in Averu, with the purpose of denouncing the violation of the right to work and to health of the teaching and research, professional, administrative and worker personnel of the autonomous and experimental national universities, as well as , stand in solidarity with teachers at the levels of initial, primary, and secondary education, by virtue of the unconstitutional measure of dividing the recreational and vacation bonus and preventing the enjoyment of the latter right to vacation of the entire educational sector active and retired”, was stated in the statement.

The rectors unionized in Averu affirmed that the last two actions of the Executive have generated the greatest injuries to human rights and to the work of the public sector.

«The first with the application of the Instructions for the Adjustment of the Remuneration System of the Public Administration, Collective Agreements, Special Tables and Strategic Companies, through which the largest indirect dismissal of workers in the national civil service sector took place, modifying their working conditions by reducing the remuneration, bonuses and salary bonuses of public servants of the central and decentralized administration”, it was indicated.

The Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela, as well as the Organic Labor Law, establish provisions to protect workers’ income and the inalienability of labor rights.

Averu recalled that an appeal for annulment is being filed against this measure together with a precautionary measure of amparo filed by this association, a precautionary measure declared inadmissible, and an autonomous amparo filed by a group of workers from the university and health sector, from the central and decentralized public administration , whose hearing has not yet been set by the Constitutional Chamber, “Generating the permanence of the transgression of the constitutional labor rights of the sector, in addition to being an omission of the right to effective judicial protection.”

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The second measure referred to in Averu’s statement sent to the Minister of University Education appointed by President Nicolás Maduro, was the signing of an agreement on August 2, 2022, through which it was agreed to review the clause 79, vacation bonus, splitting your payment into two parts 30% and 75%, to be paid the first part in the months of August, September and October at a rate of 10 days per month, and the remaining 75% between January and July 2023.

They warned that this agreement modifies the minutes signed on July 28, 2021, in which the agreements between the Ministries of Labor, University Education and the Federation of University Workers of Venezuela were reflected, under the framework of a Labor Regulations Meeting, and “disapplying in addition to the Constitution and Organic Labor Law”.

The reform of labor agreements related to the payments of public administration workers, by the Ministry of Economy and Finance through Onapre, has generated a series of protests and street demonstrations from the different public sectors throughout the country. country.

“This Association condemns and rejects the measure to split the payment of the recreational bonus and the right to vacations and prevent their effective enjoyment, approved by means of a supposed homologation signed on 08/02/2022 (…) We demand that the right to work in the national education sector be restored, to health as part of the right to life because the benefit of the worker’s vacations is a mechanism for his physical and mental recovery,” it was indicated in the Averu statement.

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