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Head of ANR asks the Embassy to meet with US congressmen

Congressman Pedro Alliana, president of the ANR, informed the Universo 970 / Nación Media radio that they presented a note to the US Embassy to request a meeting with the delegation of US parliamentarians who are visiting our country.

“Yesterday we learned of the presence of Congressmen from the United States and we consider the opportunity opportune for them to also listen to us as president of the Colorado Party, the ruling party, and congressmen of the Governing Board. It would be important that these United States Congressmen can also listen to the other sector of the Colorado Party”, he referred in this regard.

The Chartist congressman maintained that if the delegation cannot make room in their busy schedule, the Paraguayan legislators from the ANR are willing to travel to the United States to meet there and express their position on various issues and also send them important documentation, such as example about the open export of cocaine that is made by this Government, the political financing of terrorist movements, among others.

“We are aware that there were senators from my party who paid lobbyists to meet and take documents there (to the US), from some commission or from some former minister involved with drug traffickers in Brazil,” he launched.

Alliana said he was more than sure that there is a political persecution by a part of Colorado, referring to the ruling party, against Honor Colorado.

“We want to make ourselves available. We have absolutely nothing to hide. We have no history with people linked to drug trafficking, we have no links with Hezbollah. We really have a transparent resume and we can go speak the truth with the American parliamentarians,” he added.

The entrance Head of ANR asks the Embassy to meet with US congressmen was first published in diary TODAY.

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