"He was the fifth child", the harsh confession of Lorelei, wife of Falcao García

“He was the fifth child”, the harsh confession of Lorelei, wife of Falcao García

The couple made up of the Colombian and the Argentine, already have four children, from history and they lived through it with a fifth pregnancy, little was known.

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Lorelei Tarón and Radamel Falcao García are one of the most followed celebrity couples by Instagram users around the world for that love they profess for each other, which is reflected in their beautiful family made up of four children, one boy and three girls.

Jeddidah, Dominique, Desireé and Annete are the offspring of ‘El Tigre’ from Santa Marta, an exemplary athlete both on and off the pitch, highly appreciated by Colombians for his strength, courage and humility.

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For her part, Lorelei, an Argentine gospel singer, enjoys the admiration of her compatriots and Colombians for her love and dedication to her four children.

Precisely because of these demonstrations of being an empowered mother, an Instagram user, in a round of questions that Lorelei opened, questioned the gaucha about the possibility of bringing another child into the world.

“Do you want another child?” Was the question posed by the instagrammer. Lorelei’s response went viral due to her outspokenness and her harsh confession.

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The blue-eyed Argentine blonde said that she recently lost her fifth baby.

“This was our fifth baby, here he was 11 weeks. Yes, we loved him very much but it could not be, we lost him a couple of months ago and it has been very hard for the whole family. God knows how he does his stuff,” Lorelei replied on her Instagram stories.

Lorelei accompanied her message with a photo showing her belly at that time, a photo that the samarium player may have taken.

This harsh confession struck a chord with many of the couple’s followers, who have supported the García Tarón family, sending them messages for this difficult family moment.

“Strength Lorelei and Falcao, encouragement in this difficult moment”, “Only God knows how he does his things going forward”, “A lot of strength Tigre, we are with you”, were some messages that the couple received.

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