The Prosecutor’s Office indicates that the death of the Seremi of Agriculture of La Araucanía was due to suffocation by immersion: no actions by third parties were found

The Prosecutor’s Office of La Araucanía reported details on the investigation being carried out into the death of the region’s Agriculture Seremi, Gustavo Quilaqueoreported this Wednesday, June 8.

It should be noted that last night the relatives of the authority filed a complaint for alleged misfortune, finding Quilaqueo’s body in a well near his home.

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Lawyer Daniela San Martín, spokesperson for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, told emmol that “yesterday the Prosecutor’s Office learned of a complaint for alleged misfortune filed by the relatives of Mr. Gustavo Quilaqueo Bustos, Seremi of Agriculture of the Region of La Araucanía.”

In this line, he pointed out that “according to the story of his relatives, Mr. Quilaqueo would have left his home around noon and his current whereabouts were unknown. In this sense, the search protocols were activated and during the afternoon of the day of yesterday in a well located in the Monolhue sector of the Teodoro Schmith commune, near his home, the body of Mr. Quilaqueo, unfortunately deceased, was found.

In addition, the lawyer explained that “the prosecutor on duty attended the scene together with personnel from the Homicide Brigade and the Criminalistics Laboratory of the Investigative Police (PDI), this in order to carry out the first investigative steps and also carry out expert reports to establish the cause of death.

Referring in detail to the reasons for the death of the authority, San Martín reported that “the body did not present injuries that are attributable to the action of third parties, this, without prejudice to the results of the investigation procedures and the expert reports that are pending, taking into consideration that this is an ongoing investigation”.

“The hypothesis that is currently being investigated corresponds to suffocation by submersion,” he concluded.

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