Stuardo Ralón: The end of the embargo would not restore respect for the DD. H H. in Cuba

MIAMI, United States. – The lawyer Stuardo Ralón, rapporteur for Cuba of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), assured this Thursday to CubaNet that “Cuba’s problem” is the permanence in power of a regime that does not respect the dignity of people, individual freedoms, or democracy.

That is why he believes that the elimination of the embargo would not restore “respect for human rights. It is not necessarily a problem of economic embargo or not, but it is about the crisis of a regime that does not respect the basic freedoms of citizens and democracy, which is the essential condition to respect human rights,” he said.

With respect to recent measures announced by the Government of the United States considered that they will not necessarily benefit the reduction of the repressive actions of the regime against its citizens.

“The measures that are being taken have an economic edge. There is no talk of a democratic restoration, of someone who thinks differently from the regime being able to express it without being subject to repression (…); that is to say, the structural crisis of human rights does not go through an economic issue of what is lived on the Island, but by the essence of a regime that eliminates the freedoms inherent to the person, ”he asserted.

Ralón specified that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights monitors the information provided by activists and citizens, which is validated and used to analyze and make visible the serious human rights situation on the Island.

He explained that one of the instruments of the IACHR is its annual reports on the situation of human rights in the region. “Since 1995, the Commission has included Cuba in Chapter 4B, because as it is not a democracy, systematic human rights violations are reported.”

“This inclusion of Cuba in chapter 4B allows for an academic analysis, an analysis also of the political context… Other organizations can analyze and make visible the situation of what is happening on the Island and that is one of the most powerful instruments that the Commission,” he explained.

It also reported that in addition to the annual reports, the IACHR publishes press releases “when there are more serious crises or unfortunate events that must be pointed out or condemned.”

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