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“He said he was heir to a great fortune” and “a Duke in Spain”: He would have cheated a million

"He said he was heir to a great fortune" and "a Duke in Spain": He would have cheated a million

The accomplice of ‘Duke Alejandro’ was his mother, with whom they would have managed to put together a whole ‘film’.

Colombian News.

With the same story he managed to deceive 18 people whom he defrauded, took money and a lawyer couple also fell, providing their services to the person involved; All these nuances have the story of the false Spanish ‘Duke’ who would have deceived many in Colombia.

This is Alejandro E., he claimed to be the heir to a great fortune on behalf of his relatives in Spain, because according to him, his grandfather “came to have the title of the Duke of Cardona,” they reported on Radio Ambulante, the Spanish media that learned about this case and collects the complaint from one of those affected by this scam.

His grandfather had left the war fleeing to Costa Rica, was in Panama and ended up in Colombia, where he would have left part of his lineage.

The man claimed to be the new ‘Duke’ of the Spanish crown for being the only man from his mother’s birth onwards.

Alejandro promised to have a historical legacy and that after the money from that supposed legacy arrived, he would catch up on the outstanding debts.

He made those who saw him swear to keep everything in reserve.

This is how he did it with a couple that he looked for in a university in the country, reached them and with his fictitious story he managed to deceive them.

He asked them for a $20 million loan, the couple agreed because the alleged duke claimed that “he had to meet 100 requirements” for them to deliver the money from the inheritance.

Among those was “having a business and not depending on any family member”, the money received would be exactly to open a business.

According to Alejandro, the Court of Spain, “by mistake released a part: almost 28 million dollars, and deposited them directly into Alejandro’s bank account.”

One of the victims of the scam narrates that, “he saw a lot of money in his accounts and he went crazy to buy things but like crazy. So that generated an alert on money laundering and that the Prosecutor’s Office got involved.

He paid a part but he flew

Something that gave the family more confidence is that the man had paid part of the money, so they decided to continue lending him.

Despite the fact that the couple had a law firm, they decided to handle the matter in reserve at the same request of the false duke.

The couple began to investigate in the Court of Spain, where they confirmed that the legacy did not exist.

It had all been a lie and when they realized the situation they called Alejandro to summon him and face him once and for all.

However, at the time of the call, Alejandro was leaving the country, as if he had noticed the couple’s movements.

“I already know what you are doing. Keep in mind that I am at the airport, I am leaving the country. Do what you want,” said the alleged duke.

Alejandro’s debts amount to $500,000 dollars, at least 8 of these victims were left with an embezzlement of $300,000 dollars.

That, without counting loans to banks that “would be millionaires.”

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