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The project that establishes compensation for former workers who built Itaipu’s generating units, but who never had a labor relationship with the entity, is discussed today. The amount requested is 940 million dollars.

Former workers are in downtown Asunción, waiting for the ordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies, which includes on the agenda the bill that establishes the legal framework for the payment of historical compensation to former workers, plant builders, assembly and commissioning of Itaipu’s generating units, direct contractors, contractors and subcontractors of works, landlords and sub-locators of services and health and education agreements, from the right bank.

The approach approved in the Senate worries the Itaipu board, which reiterated that the payment of 940 million dollars to former employees of contractor companies of the entity is unfeasible.

The authorities explained that this amount could in no way be financed with Itaipu’s operating expenses, since they must be agreed upon and approved annually by both margins -Brazil and Paraguay- and no type of items are included for “historical compensation”. ” intended for people outside the institution.

“This project goes against legal principles. Brazil never paid any compensation to outsourced employees, Brazil paid Itaipú Binacional employees who claimed their rights in a timely manner”, explained the Paraguayan General Director, Manuel María Cáceres.

With these resources, different long-term projects and investments could be carried out, such as, for example, the construction of 1,000 kilometers of paved roads or the 100-year extension of the Itaipu scholarships.

Likewise, 11 international bridges similar to the one under construction over the Paraguay River, in the city of Carmelo Peralta, with the contribution of Binational funds, 129 viaducts, such as the Ciudad del Este Multiviaduct, located in the km 7, among many other things.

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