Single dialogue table agrees on eight priority points to negotiate with the Government

After midnight this Wednesday, the members of the single dialogue table agreed on eight priority points, which will be the basis for sitting down to talk with the Government.

Leaders of the National Alliance for the Rights of the People (Anadepo), of the United People Alliance and leaders of the native peoples with the Catholic Church as facilitator participate in the table.

Saúl Méndez, leader of the Single National Union of Workers in the Construction and Similar Industries, explained that among the points agreed upon are the high cost of fuel, food, medicine, and electricity. In addition, the specific issue of 6% of GDP in education will be analyzed. Corruption will also be addressed and will excite a thematic table.

“If the government intends to sit down with us, it has to stop the repression in Veraguas, where the population is repressed indiscriminately,” Méndez said.

The single table will meet again, this Wednesday from 10:00 am at the Cristo Sembrador Catholic Center, in Penonomé, province of Coclé.

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