"Mercado Grau suffers from technical conditions for the safety of merchants"

“Mercado Grau suffers from technical conditions for the safety of merchants”

After the fire that started at stalls 36 and 37, which caused the loss of merchandise for 50,000 soles, the Grau Market merchants complained of a series of deficiencies that put the lives of workers and attendees at the commercial emporium at risk.

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They complained about the lack of training in the use of fire extinguishers since on the day of the incident, Monday, July 18, the merchants did not know how to activate them. The merchant Mariano Cori Ticona complained about the installation of grids in the electricity “blades” and the closing of the doors at 4 p.m. which makes it difficult for the merchants to evacuate in case of an emergency.

A fire broke out on Monday at 1:00 p.m. at stalls 36 and 37 due to a short circuit. (Photo: GEC)

They occupied common areas

He stated that if it were not for two forklift drivers who broke the padlocks to put out the fire, the entire market would have been destroyed by the fire, since they tried to lower the blade but it was locked. He recalled that there are three times that a fire breaks out in the last five years approximately, fortunately that they did not reach greater proportions.

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For his part, the councilor of the provincial commune of Tacna Juan Llanqui Ticona accused that the Grau market does not meet the technical conditions of a supply center since its common areas have been “lotized” to add more stalls and the firefighting vehicles no longer they can enter.

He blamed the former and current authorities for trafficking stalls in the Grau market and other centers. Far from solving the problem, he said that the MPT intends to privatize them.

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