The identity card of the Dominican merchant Teófilo Santana Báez allegedly kidnapped by a group of Haitians in Tiroli demanding the return of money confiscated from several Haitians.

Haitians kidnap merchants and impound their vehicles in Tiroli

Four Dominicans, including two merchants, were kidnapped by a mob of Haitians when they were traveling through the Troli community, located on the international highway between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Military and police authorities immediately stationed themselves at the border, seeking to resolve the situation. Among those detained is the businessman Teófilo Santana Báez, who along with another person is in a detachment from the neighboring nation.

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A pediatrician, a native of the Dajabón municipality who was traveling in his vehicle at the time the mob committed the acts, is also in cautery.

According to reports, the Haitians carried out the kidnapping in retaliation for the money seized at the Laromate Créole restaurant, where the General Directorate of Migration carried out an operation last Friday in which several citizens of the neighboring country were arrested.

Haitians kidnap merchants and impound their vehicles in Tiroli 2

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