Haiti Metro Tour Bus Hijacking Concerns

company executives Subway Tourist Services yesterday they were very worried about the fate that the eight Turkish nationals, two Haitians, a stewardess and the driver that, since last Sunday, they were kidnapped on one of their buses in Haitian territory.

“For now we do not know their whereabouts. We immediately communicated the situation to the Foreign Ministry, they are taking charge of the matter,” he said. Hector Dotellegal director of the company, who asked not to photograph him.

As they explain, in circumstances still unclear, the bus that covers the Santo Domingo-Port-au-Prince routewas approached after crossing the border by a group of vandals and until yesterday the whereabouts of the 12 occupants of the bus it revolved in a stormy nebula.

He added that the company Metro Servicios Turísticos does not have more details about the overwhelming situation regarding whether is asking for some ransomor which group of the many that operate in Haitian territory is responsible for the kidnapping.

Answer of Subway Tourist Services

“Right now what interests us is to get our bus back, with our employees and our customers in the best possible condition,” he said.

They explained that this is the first time that this has happened to the company and that it is in direct communication with the family of the two employees. (Haitian stewardess Yveca Juvensta Sylvestre and Martín Castro, the Dominican driver) so that they are aware of everything that is being done to have them back.

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“They crossed the border at Jimaní and took the highway that goes to Port-au-Prince. They left at 9 in the morning and it was between 5:45 and 6:00 in the afternoon that the kidnapping occurred,” Dotel explained.

MIREX receives family driver

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) reported that it received on Monday the relatives of the Dominican citizen who was driving the bus that is presumed was kidnapped in Haiti and in which persons of Turkish nationality were on board as well as Haitian.

The Vice Minister for Consular and Immigration Affairs, Jatzel Romanshared with the family the steps to follow in search of a solution to the situation that is as expeditious as possible.

During the meeting held at the MIREX headquarters, a single and direct contact was established between the institution through its Directorate for the Protection of Nationals and the family members, in order to manage communication effectively.

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