Gustavo Petro's requests to the chambers of commerce

Gustavo Petro’s requests to the chambers of commerce

More formalization, digital literacy and associativity, were the requests of the President Gustavo Petro to the chambers of commercewithin the framework of the concept of popular economy, during the closing of the annual conference of Confecamaras, held this Friday in Cartagena.

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I think that capitalism in Colombia can therefore develop the capacities of the country in the popular economy (…) which can have formalities, a good part of the jobs and minimum wages are there”, indicated President Petro during his speech.

“There is a vitality there; we have to enter another logic; the chambers of commerce have to enter this formalization process”, he continued.

In this sense, he stated that digital literacy it has a pivotal role in “this new capacity” to develop the popular economy. He pointed out that chambers of commerce can help in this process.

Petro also spoke of the capacity that associations have to support the promotion of the popular economy, which can provide citizens with greater income capacity and the capacity to create bases for an industrialization of its sector.

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In this sense, Julián Domínguez, president of the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce, said that “it is necessary” to work both for formalization and the popular economy; For this reason, regarding the first point, he explained that it is necessary to “articulate efforts” between all the offers of programs that make life between the public sector and the private sector.

Likewise, he promised to promote formalization among companies; increase value in production and promote legal certainty. “The chambers of commerce are a true network of productive and social development, there is no other network like ours, we are ready to build trust and continue generating social welfare.”


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