Mineduc confirms investigation at Coronel school after complaint of assault on child with Down syndrome

After learning of the attacks on an eight-year-old child with Down syndrome inside the Squadron School in the Coronel district, in the Biobío region, who would have been tied hands and feet to his desk, at the end of the classes, when he went through periods of hyperactivity or crisis, according to what his own classmates told the teacher who came to replace the head of the course, and in line with what Minister Marco Antonio Ávila pointed out, the Superintendency of Education confirmed that the complaint about this case is already in process on your system.

“Educational establishments are responsible for protecting the integrity of children and adolescents and as SIE we condemn any mistreatment in the educational context,” said the superintendence.

The head of the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) stated, meanwhile, that “the day before yesterday we submitted the complaint about this case to the Superintendence of Education. And we requested the records from the establishment and they have three days to send them.”

“As the Ministry of Education, we condemn any type of violence against students,” said Minister Ávila.

It is worth mentioning that the RN deputy of the Family Commission, Francesca Muñoz, described the events as “of the greatest seriousness” and confirmed that she also ordered the Superintendency of Education to initiate an investigation procedure, “in addition to requesting the background information from the establishment and to appear in it, if necessary, to clarify these serious facts against a minor and the procedures to follow”.

Along the same lines, Deputy Muñoz stated that “I have also requested the National Disability Service to adopt all the measures granted by the Law to immediately protect the minor. Lastly, this letter includes the Ministry of Education as a recipient so that general measures are adopted in the educational system that prevent this kind of aggression against people who cannot defend themselves, requiring information if there are similar complaints in the Biobío region in order to analyze legislative proposals on the matter that prevent other families from happening again for an episode like this.

From the Municipality of Coronel they announced a criminal complaint against all those responsible for this act of violation of children’s rights that occurred inside the enclosure where they are educational supporters.

From the Ombudsman for Children, according to Cooperative Radioits director, Patricia Muñoz, said she hopes that “the Prosecutor’s Office not only investigates and can effectively prosecute the criminal responsibility of all those who are responsible for this act, but also provides effective attention and protection to this victim, with the purpose that it be repaired in this situation, which we hope will not cause consequences that may be irreparable”.

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