Cuban Border Guards and US Coast Guards hold technical meeting in Havana

Representatives of the Cuban Border Guard Troops and the Coast Guard Service from the United States held a technical meeting on September 8 and 9 in Havana.

The meeting aimed to “exchange on ways to increase operational cooperation between both services in terms of confronting the smuggling of migrants, illegal departures and illicit drug trafficking, as well as maritime search and rescue operations,” according to review a note of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior (Minint).

The official information, which does not provide more details of what was discussed, assures that the exchange “took place in a respectful and professional atmosphere”, and that during it “the delegations of both countries highlighted the usefulness of these meetings and agreed on the importance of advance cooperation in this area.”

In addition, it states that “both parties agreed to continue these technical meetings in the future.”

This type of exchange is based on the existing agreements between the two countries, specifically those related to migration issues and the fight against drug and human trafficking, areas in which bilateral cooperation has been maintained despite the setback in relations after the arrival at the White House of today’s former president Donald Trump.

Under these agreements, the US Coast Guard systematically returns to Cuba irregular migrants rescued at sea in their attempt to reach US soil.

Precisely, another note from the Minint reports the repatriation days ago of 163 rafters to the Island, including 23 women and three minors, “as a result of a group of illegal departures across the maritime border.”

The official information specifies that the migrants were returned by the port of Orozco, in Bahía Honda, province of Artemisa, and that it is the 74th operation of this type carried out this year in conjunction with the United States.

In total, according to the Minint, there are already 4,162 people who have been returned by this means in 2022.

According to that entity, it is mostly “people without any maritime knowledge”, who “without realizing that they endanger their lives and in some cases even that of their children, jump into the sea in boats without the minimum conditions for navigation.

A few days ago, the Cuban state press had reported on operations to return Cuban migrants by the United States, Mexico and the Bahamas.

According to official calculations, the total number of Cubans returned from these three countries amounts to 6,008 from January to date in various air and maritime operations, not counting the new group of 163, the agency reports. EFE.

Irregular migrants detained in several countries are returned to Cuba

The Coast Guard has detained nearly 4,500 Cubans on the Florida coast, since October 1, 2021, when the current fiscal year began, to date, according to the Spanish media, according to which the Department of Customs and US Border Protection (CBP) records, in turn, the figure of 177,848 Cuban migrants who have arrived in that territory.

The figure exceeds the largest exodus of Cubans so far, in 1980, when 125,000 people left through the port of Mariel in just 7 months, adds EFE.

Havana points to the Cuban Adjustment Law as a reason for the island’s citizens to try to reach US soil irregularly by land or sea. This regulation allows access to permanent residence in the United States to Cubans who remain at least one year in its territory.

To this should be added the serious economic crisis in the countryexacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, US sanctions and internal difficulties and inefficiencies, which motivates many people to leave Cuba and take the path of irregular emigration in search of better living conditions.

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