“General Zapateiro, are you on the payroll of the Democratic Center?": Gustavo Bolivar

Gustavo Bolívar, from giving helmets to the First Line to asking them not to march

A new day advances demonstrations in Bogota and some main cities of the country, when it is fulfilled a year of the social outbreak in Colombia.

In the midst of the marches, a new video was released in which the senator from the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolívar asking young people not to take to the streets to demonstrate, as it could affect an eventual victory of the presidential candidate, Gustav Petro.

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“By all means we are asking young people, and if they listen to me I will do it again, so that please tomorrow (Thursday) they do not go out to celebrate this anniversary, a bitter anniversary also because the balance of the victims is terrifying”, Bolivar assured.

The congressman’s remarks were recorded in one of the plenaries Senate of the Republic, this Wednesday, April 27.

“We are scoring in the polls, we are not clumsy to generate disturbances tomorrow, to give papaya to the Government so that that spark suddenly expands, lights up again and we give them the opportunity, even, to postpone the elections. We are the most interested in keeping young people from going out, I ask you, I almost beg you, not to give papaya, not to go out tomorrow, to postpone that anniversary and celebrate August 7 at the Plaza de Bolívar without ESMAD”, he added.

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