Guild demands replacement of items of retired teachers

Guild demands replacement of items of retired teachers

Trade unionists affiliated with the Organization of Education Workers of Paraguay – National Union (OTEP – SN) mobilized requesting the return of items from retired teachers.

“The Ministry of Education does not return the items to the communities. Last year there were 600 colleagues who accessed the retirement benefit. Of those, only half of those items were returned by the Ministry”, expressed Blanca Ávalos, leader of the OTEP – SN on 800 AM.

He pointed out that educational institutions, especially those in the interior of the country, are running out of teachers. “We want the items of retirees to be returned to the educational communities. What we want is solution. We have exhausted the instances”, he added, indicating that, due to the lack of a greater number of teachers, in many schools the classes are developed in a “multigrade” format (students from different grades in the same classroom) and even “multicycle” (students of different cycles in the same class).

Ávalos announced that they will return to the same place tomorrow, Friday, to demonstrate if there are no answers.

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