OCMA proposes to remove a judge from the Lima Court for excessive delay in procedural procedures

OCMA proposes to remove a judge from the Lima Court for excessive delay in procedural procedures

The Judiciary Control Office () proposed to the National Justice Board (JNJ), the removal of Judge Edgard Cayllahua Conde, from the First Magistrate’s Court of Pueblo Libre and Magdalena, of the Superior Court of Lima, for inexcusably failing to comply with his judicial duties.

According to the charges corroborated in the investigation of the OCMAin the judge’s office there were files pending sentencing, documents with draft resolutions pending review and signature, pending to be promoted or resolved, delay in the qualification of complaints, lawsuits and in general in the processing of the processes to their position, paralyzed without justification.

It should be noted that after several complaints from litigants, the OCMA “visited” the judge in his office, opened a disciplinary procedure and urged him to promote the processes under his charge.

However, the magistrate failed to comply with the recommendations provided, unjustifiably causing damage to the administration of justice service and to the procedural parties.

Said judge is also sanctioned for the lack of control over his staff, since, as a magistrate and director of proceedings, he had to supervise the work of his subordinates and, despite having warned of the non-compliance with the work, he did not carry out any corrective measure or notify the control body.

In this context, the highest comptroller authority submitted to the Executive Council of the Judiciary the proposal for dismissal against the server Miguel Angel Bejarano Bringaslegal specialist of that judicial office.

As detailed, it is accredited that said official did not comply with timely reporting to the judge, writs on labor, family and criminal matters, incurring delay.

It should be noted that the OCMA issued against those mentioned, a precautionary measure of preventive suspension so that they do not exercise any position in the Judicial Power, until the corresponding instances definitively resolve their legal situations.


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