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Guaidó asks unions to strengthen unity to achieve free elections

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The opposition Juan Guaidó asked the country’s unions this Friday to strengthen unity to achieve free presidential elections, scheduled for 2024. “We must defeat the dictatorship to rebuild Venezuela. Unity and leadership must be strengthened, the majority must be exercised,” said the leader, quoted in a Press release.

Guaidó affirmed that it is necessary to continue insisting and demanding “free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections” to bring about political change in the nation and “end” the economic crisis.

He added that there are four fundamental elements in the struggle and demand for better electoral conditions, such as the “right to choose”, respect for the results and guarantees.

“You have to have the scaffolding ready, that’s why you have to articulate and strengthen unity and leadership within the democratic alternative,” added the opponent, who urged union representatives “not to lose focus on the fight.”

«We must focus on the solution: free and fair elections. We also have to insist on a comprehensive agreement with guarantees for all sectors. We must transform the demand for the election date into a social struggle », he pointed out.

On May 1, opposition leader Carlos Prosperi proposed forming a “democratic coalition” including civil society organizations for the 2024 presidential elections.

The leader indicated, according to a press release, that it is important that Venezuelans participate and elect a presidential candidate who faces the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in two years.

“The primaries must be held at the end of this year, at the latest in the first quarter of 2023. We must choose a candidate and seek a minimum of electoral conditions,” he insisted.

Prosperi maintained that “there will always be electoral advantage”, but the important thing will be to guarantee “the electoral register, the witnesses of the tables and that the citizens go out to vote en masse”.

“If we organize ourselves and achieve a minimum of conditions, we are going to obtain a great victory, we are going to recover democracy to put it at the service of the people and not allow one more young person to leave Venezuela,” he emphasized.

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