Montecon does not yield and Supra paralyzes the Port of Montevideo

The negotiations to unblock the current conflict in the Port of Montevideo due to the decision of the operator Montecon to fire 150 workers have not yet yielded results and this Friday the Single Port Union and Related Branches (Supra) organized a new strike for 24 hours, the which takes place in the port of the capital.

According to what was said by Montecon sources to The R Journalthe company does not agree to suspend the measure to reduce working hours and send workers to unemployment insurance for 90 days.

The stoppage carried out by Supra began at 7:00 p.m. and will affect all the activities of operators and terminals in Montevideo.

The refusal to suspend the measures came directly from the leaders of Montecon. The request was made directly by the Ministry of Transport and Public Workswho received the request that “free competition returns” in the port.

In the middle of the week, Montecon issued a statement announcing its decision to cut payroll. “The decision to send the workers to unemployment insurance and to reduce the insured wages is a direct consequence of the decision of the authorities to limit the operation of Montecon by decree,” they indicated.

“Annulling its ability to compete freely” had the effect of “a very significant drop in volume in the company’s activity,” they add.

“To the extent that the free competition regime is restored in the port of Montevideo, Montecon will be able to recover the volume of its operations. This way you will be in a position to normalize the situation with your employees. If this does not occur within the aforementioned period of ninety days, Montecon must; Unfortunately, continue with the employee termination plan duly announced, “they sentenced.

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