Guaidó asked that opposition primaries not be a contest of vanity

citgo Juan Guaidó reiterates that he is willing to resume dialogue with the government.  Chavista deputies

The politician Juan Guaidó reiterated this Saturday that any personal aspiration “is secondary” in the face of the primaries that the opposition plans to hold to elect the candidate who will face Chavismo in the 2024 presidential elections. He added that they must be a mechanism of unity and not a “vanity contest.”

«A primary is the concretion of unity, it is a political agreement, it is being all together. The primaries are a mechanism to strengthen unity and thus defeat the dictatorship, not a vanity contest. This was stated by the opponent in a public act in Yaracuy state, as detailed in a press release.

Guaidó insisted that the unity of the anti-Chavista forces is the vehicle with which they can confront the government of Nicholas Maduro. He also said that the time has come to take to the streets.

“This is the time to be on the streets, to dream of the country we want, the country we deserve, the country our children deserve, the country where services do not fail,” he said.

Guaidó spoke about the opposition primaries

He insisted that the organization of a process to choose who will be the opposition candidate for the presidential elections is an exercise of the majority, in which all citizens are invited to participate.

“We are going to exercise a majority, we are going to be with our people,” he added.

This week, the Venezuelan opposition, meeting in the Democratic Unity Platform, reported that it will begin a consultation process “with all sectors of the country.” The purpose is to determine the formula to hold the primary elections in which they will elect the candidate who will face Chavismo in 2024.

The decision comes after the group announced on May 16 that it would choose an opposition presidential candidate. This through primary elections that it plans to hold in 2023.

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