Grupo Casino put its supermarkets in South America up for sale: what about Grupo Disco in Uruguay?

The French Casino Group, majority shareholder of Grupo Disco Uruguay, announced that seeks to sell all its assets in the region and is added to the list of companies that will leave the region.

In this way, the company wants to get rid of the group Pao de Azúcar (GPA) in Brazil and the Colombian Éxitowhich manages supermarket chains in Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, including Grupo Disco.

GPA and Success They are assets that may be sold within the framework of Grupo Casino’s three-year asset sale plan and, to date, there are no milestones or ongoing sale processes for GPA. The only active project at this time that involves these two companies is the segregation of the Éxito and GPA businesses“, explained the Success Groupthrough a statement released at the end of last month.

He holding company French made the decision overwhelmed by his numbers in red. According to data reported by the company, which is listed on the French Stock Exchange, its debts exceed US$7 billion.

What will happen to Grupo Disco in Uruguay?

To date in Grupo Disco Uruguay there are no ongoing sales processes. From the company they affirmed that announcements and shareholder agreements are common in the life of business groups.

Looking to the future, GDU plans to continue with its plans focused on the growth of the operation with perspectives in the medium and long term.

With information from El Cronista.

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