Opponents in exile and the diaspora in the US present another proposal for unity for "the liberation of Nicaragua"

Opponents in exile and the diaspora in the US present another proposal for unity for “the liberation of Nicaragua”

Opposition organizations and independent people from exile and the Nicaraguan diaspora in the United States presented, this Tuesday, July 11, a second proposal for a “Unit for the Liberation of Nicaragua”, which, they say, has the support of 22 organizations inside and outside from Nicaragua.

The presentation was virtual and was attended by representatives of the 22 organizations that make it up and was moderated by the opponent based in Washington Osvaldo León Gómez.

The new proposal for opposition unity, which came to light after the initiative known as Monteverde was presented, announced 12 points to achieve unity and ensure that this proposal “is incompatible with any dialogue, negotiations or elections while the dictatorship”.

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Among the 12 points they propose, they highlight that this unity effort “does not constitute a new block or platform” of the opposition, but rather seeks to maintain an authentic profile to generate trust and viability.

In the presentation of the new unionist initiative, the presence of the former exiled politician and peasant leader Medardo Mairena, who has also met with Monteverde, also stood out. The former Major League Baseball player Denis Martínez also participated, who took advantage of the activity to demand that the dictatorship release Monsignor Rolando Álvarez and all the political prisoners.

The diaspora and exiles in the US, who are now proposing this new formula to achieve agreement between the opposing forces, assure that their tools to reach a “broad and participatory consensus” in the unification process is “fraternal, genuine dialogue , assertive, and respectful in the midst of the multiplicity of ideas, opinions and criteria».

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They ask that personal, partisan and ideological interests be left behind and that the opposition overcome “all kinds of egos, protagonism, authoritarianism and hidden agendas.”

They announced that in the coming days they will be looking to meet with other opposition platforms and organizations and they assure that they have already initiated contact with international organizations to which they will propose to be guarantors and witnesses of unity.

Among the organizations that make up the new unity initiative are Citizen Action (PAC), Grito de Abril, National Patriotic Movement (MPN), Nicaraguan Democratic Force (FDN), Christian Alliance Party (PANAC), Youth from Nicaraguan Universities (JUN), The Peasant Movement (MC), among others.

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