Prosecutor’s Office and State security forces have seized 254 tons of drugs

“A relevant issue that has had the support of the Public ministry (PM), it is the campaign and attack on the punitive act. With the support of the State security forces, 254.5 tons of drugs of different types have been seized. Among them 190.7 tons of cocaine; 61.8 tons of marijuana and 772.9 kilograms of heroin. It is important to highlight that 1,155.8 tons of substances and chemical precursors for the production of drugs were seized,” the Attorney General of the Republic reported on Tuesday. Tarek William Saab.

During his intervention in the master class “Drugs: Crime that destroys society”, from the headquarters of the National School of Prosecutors of the MP, in Caracas, where he highlighted the opportunities for graduate studies for more than 400 professionals from the organization, the Prosecutor announced that from August 2017 to June 2023an entry of 52 thousand 866 cases was registered to the Public Ministry for previous crimes and sanctioned in the Organic Law on Drugs.

According to what was published on the MP’s social media account, the office has carried out 227,702 actions and investigative proceedings. 41 thousand 376 accusations stand out before different courts of the country. In addition, 25,583 accusations have been presented and 12,030 convictions have been achieved, many of them for admission of facts in oral and public trials.

Saab explained that the MP owns a General Directorate Against Organized Crime, on which three directions depend; among them the Directorate Against Drugs and 49 prosecutors with jurisdiction over drug matters throughout the national territory.

Drug prevention campaign:

In addition, the senior official of the Venezuelan State highlighted the prevention and training campaign that began in 2022, in schools, high schools and educational centers with the accompaniment of general directors, line directors, senior prosecutors, assistants and temporary ones throughout Venezuela.

As part of the preventive program “Drug Destroys Your Family” announced that 227 talks and conversations were held in which 13 thousand 138 children and adolescents attended; in addition to 7 thousand 796 adults in less than a year.

“We have carried out 1,884 training workshops, with the participation of 51,000 people. It is relevant data, because awareness on this issue will alleviate consumption, ”he predicted.

Effort to eradicate the use of lethal drugs

“We must reiterate that drugs can never be a substitute for a sport, for a healthy and family life. Quite the opposite. How is it possible that primary schools in some countries allow the consumption of certain grams of marijuana? ”, She publicly claimed.

“Understanding that the issue of drug use in children, youth and adults is extremely delicate due to the brutal promotion that drug use is being given; as if they were food or proteins”, stated the Attorney General.

“That of using the lyrics of music in vogue to defend drugs or the use of narco-novelas, narco-series, narco-films to portray drug dealers as heroes; As if it were a recreational sport, the use of marijuana or cocaine is without a doubt a crime. It has to be spread as such everywhere,” he said according to the social media post.

Likewise, Saab recalled that on June 26 the International Day for the Fight Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking, established by the United Nations (UN), and that date was used to, together with the State agencies that fight against drug use and trafficking, carry out permanent activities beyond that day.

“It is part of that effort, as you can see, that we are dedicating a master class today at the National School of Prosecutors to this very delicate topic,” Saab said.



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