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Gradual rise in temperatures throughout the week

During this week, 260 drivers who tested positive for alcohol were delayed by the Highway Patrol. Likewise, other motorists were sanctioned for various infractions.

In the week between April 10 and 16, Highway Patrol inspectors carried out various controls on the country’s main routes.

As a result of these procedures, it was possible to delay a total of 260 drunk drivers who tested positive for alcohol, out of almost 6,300 tests carried out.

The highest number of drunk drivers was registered again in the Central department, amounting to 174, according to the weekly report.

In the aforementioned period, 519 vehicles were delayed, of which 74 were motorcycles, for various infractions of the Traffic and Road Safety Law. Some 11 drivers were sanctioned for not having a license plate, 16 for undue overtaking, 48 for speeding, while the remaining figure corresponds to cases of positive alcohol test.

During this week, 54 road mishaps were reported, of which 21 were recorded without material damage, 28 with a balance of injuries and 5 with fatal results. There are 42 people injured and 5 dead.

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