AMLO is preparing to reform the Mining Law;  deputies plan to vote on it in less than 24 hours

AMLO is preparing to reform the Mining Law; deputies plan to vote on it in less than 24 hours

In tomorrow’s session, once the electricity reform proposed by the president is discarded, it is expected that all the procedures will be dispensed with in the case of the reform of the Mining Law: it will not be sent to commissions to be ruled on and it will rise immediately to discussion and vote in plenary, with which it can be approved in less than 24 hours.

It is expected that in the course of this Sunday the Executive will formalize the proposal, announced last Friday. The president announced that, if the “treason” of voting against the electricity reform was consummated, he would send an initiative to modify the Mining Law, where it is established that the exploitation of lithium corresponds only to the nation.

“If a betrayal were carried out, we have the resource of the reform of the Mining Law, it does not need two thirds, which is a simple majority, and we would have the votes, so that lithium is a mineral of the nation, of the Mexicans. , that they are not delusional, that they are not thinking that lithium is going to continue to be in the market, exposed to the appropriation of this strategic mineral, ”warned the president on Friday.

In a recess of the plenary session, even before the opinion of the United Commissions of Constitutional Points and Energy was presented, with a Draft Decree amending articles 4, 25, 27 and 28 of the Constitution in matters of energy and access to electricity, the Jucopo met and agreed to open space to process the reform of the Mining Law.



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