Keiko Fujimori says that "latest legal decisions" have affected her father's health

Keiko Fujimori says that “latest legal decisions” have affected her father’s health

“I believe that the latest legal decisions, without a doubt, have affected my father’s health and what it does is demonstrate how fragile (of his state of health), of so many diseases that he has,” the former presidential candidate said on Sunday. after visiting the former president at the Centennial Clinic.

As is known, Fujimori is hospitalized at the Centenario clinic after suffering from tachycardia in the early morning, according to EsSalud.

We hope that he will recover and be able to overcome each of these complex situations that he has gone through.”, Fujimori Higuchi pointed out in reference to the resolution of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), according to which the Peruvian State must refrain from implementing the ruling of the Constitutional Court, which ordered the immediate release of Alberto Fujimori.

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The expectations that he and the family had have been truncated, but I have hope, we will continue fighting for his freedom”, he also stated.

At another point, Keiko Fujimori avoided commenting on the new writ of habeas corpus filed in favor of her father by attorney Gregorio Parco. This time, for health reasons.

Today I have tried to talk about this with my father, but we have preferred not to because his health comes first. I imagine that in the next few days the group of lawyers led by César Nakasaki will talk with the family to see the next steps“, he pointed.

We want to hope that he recovers so that he can make the following decisions”, the leader of Fuerza Popular also said.

Asked about the request from the Attorney General’s Office for the filing of a habeas corpus petition filed by Nakasaki with the TC, in order to order the release of the former president for violation of the right to personal liberty, Fujimori Higuchi pointed out that it is a request and finally who has to make this decision “is constitutional justice”.

Health of Alberto Fujimori

The former president’s daughter also reported that he is undergoing a series of tests for hypotension and tachycardia.

In that sense, he thanked the health personnel of the EsSalud de Ate hospital “for your prompt and timely attention”, since it was stabilized there at first.

I think what this new evacuation demonstrates is the fragile state of my father’s health, the unpredictability of his illness and the reserved prognosis in which he finds himself“, he pointed.

He added that he does not know how long he will be hospitalized and that he is currently in intermediate care receiving drug treatment.


Keiko Fujimori says that “latest legal decisions” have affected her father’s health (Source Channel N)

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