Governor Rocha highlights agricultural and business contribution of Sinaloa, before López Obrador

—It also highlights the advances in the fertilizer plant and the new investment in the San Rafael mine.

Culiacán, Sinaloa, May 27, 2022.- Within the framework of his morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said: “Let’s celebrate that Sinaloa has a good governor” and referred to a progressive State, dedicated to food, of good people, hard-working people; while Governor Rubén Rocha Moya highlighted with data and facts the strength of the business and service sectors, as well as the important agri-food production and announced that the producers will sell Segalmex 521 thousand tons of grains, which will remain as a reserve in the Sinaloa wineries, to avoid food shortages.

With this, Sinaloa will have a notable contribution to the National Campaign for Self-Consumption Production, through which the President has called for the strengthening of domestic agricultural production that is used to feed Mexicans.

“President, we have signed up for your plan for self-consumption, to combat famine, which you have recently put on a national level and which has essentially called on us to produce more food, in short, personally, you already told me that is very important, if 5 million tons of corn are produced, more must be produced,” said the Governor.

Rocha Moya pointed out that in the threshing of white corn it is expected to have between 4.5 and 5 million tons of corn, also recalling that Sinaloa is an important producer of beans, holds the first national place in production of chickpeas and mango, in addition to producing good part of the sorghum at the national level and about 30 percent of the vegetable production in the country.

In another order of ideas, the Governor emphasized the good relationship with the business sector and the advances in the installation of the fertilizer plant, detailing that the indigenous consultation is contemplated for the end of June and that work has already been done with the Federal Commission of Electricity for the sale of gas and with Pemex for the rental of the dock to the company, remembering that this is the most important investment in the country at this time and that it amounts to 5,000 million dollars, which is a message for foreign investors of that they can come to Sinaloa and will be treated well.

Rocha Moya stated that in conjunction with the Federal Government and the Ministry of Economy, the labor conflict that existed in the San Rafael mine in Cosalá was unraveled and that it kept it on strike for 19 months, adding that in addition to opening the mine, an investment was announced extra 30 million dollars, inviting entrepreneurs to invest more, with the commitment that their investment will be protected.

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