Daniel Ortega appoints a new ambassador to Cuba, the fourth in less than six months

The regime of Daniel Ortega appointed Dr. Alejandro Solís Martínez as the new Nicaraguan ambassador to Cuba, after the position had been empty since May 12, when the president decided to dismiss Wilfredo Jerónimo Jarquín from the diplomatic mission in Havana. Lang, who was on the island just four months.

Through presidential agreement 89-2022 published this Friday in the official gazette The Gazette, points out that “this agreement takes effect from this date” to exercise the position of extraordinary ambassador of Nicaragua in Cuba. Solís Martínez has already presented his style copies of his Letters of Credence to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Josefina de la Caridad Vidal Ferreiro.

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The deputy minister highlighted the “excellent relations between both sister nations” and reiterated to the representative of the Nicaraguan dictatorship “the willingness to continue supporting our embassy and continue working for a better future for our peoples.” The now diplomat before the regime’s ally country served as Executive Secretary of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic.

Daniel Ortega appoints a new ambassador to Cuba, the fourth in less than six months
Daniel Ortega and Miguel Diaz Canel. Photo: Internet

On May 12, Ortega resolved to remove Wilfredo Jerónimo Jarquín Lang from his position as extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Nicaragua to the Miguel Díaz-Canel regime. He was the one who lasted the longest in office after the departure of Luis Cabrera González, who held the position for 15 years, since Ortega’s return to power.

Jarquín had been appointed to the position on December 31, 2021, but the appointment took effect until January 6 after its publication in La Gaceta. The former ambassador came to replace retired Colonel Reynaldo del Carmen Lacayo Centeno, whose appointment was canceled on Wednesday, January 5, less than 30 days into office.

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In his place he appointed Sidhartha Francisco Marín Aráuz, who only lasted 11 days in the post, and replaced him with retired Colonel Reynaldo del Carmen Lacayo Centeno, now dismissed. Until now ambassador Wilfredo Jarquín Lang is identified as the former regional delegate of the Interior in the South Caribbean.

The changes in record time began after Nicaragua established free visas for Cuban citizens, alleging that it is a “humanitarian” measure due to the need for Cubans to visit their relatives in the Central American country.

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