Governor of Trujillo attacks the TSJ: There is a cartel that plays with the freedom of detainees

The president of the state of Trujillo, Gerardo Márquez, welcomed the appointment of new TSJ magistrates and affirmed that later the judges in each of the states should be “changed so that there is true justice.”

The governor of the state of Trujillo, Gerardo Marquezjoined this Friday to the strong criticism against the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), assuring that “in the judicial system there is a cartel that plays with the freedom of detainees.”

“We are close to appointing a new TSJ in the AN with new magistrates, from another level, to really put an end to some mafias that had entrenched themselves in the Judiciary, and it must be said. I am not afraid”, he expressed in his regional radio and TV program ¡Háblame Gerardo!.

The president assured that in the judicial system there is “corruption” and operates “a cartel that plays with the life of the prisoner and his family. They cancel high amounts to change the classification of the crime so that they have a little more or less sentence. Terrible what happens there, “he said.

For this reason, he celebrated that new TSJ magistrates will be appointed and affirmed that later “the judges in each of the states must be changed so that there is truly true justice.”

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The regional president’s statements come a week after the deputy Pedro Carreño will assure that the operation of the TSJ is “a disaster” and denounced that there are two people who -without being magistrates- impose decisions.

Carreño denounced on his television program “Desenlaces” that there are two people who, despite the fact that they are not magistrates, impose decisions.

“In this Court that is leaving, there is talk that it does not have 32 magistrates but 34. That there is a 33rd magistrate who makes the decisions, the litigation in this country is over. And there is another lady who, with her designation, is the one who decides when she makes cash, when the delivery is, when they take the oath. A total disaster!” he said.

Carreño, also a member of the permanent commission for Internal Policy, stressed, without revealing the identity of the aforementioned people, that he should go to jail. At the same time, he charged the president of the High Court, Maikel Moreno, and against Judge Marjorie Calderón, president of the Social Cassation Chamber, for her speeches during the opening of the judicial year.

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