Official inflation rises to 1.62% in March

The Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA), which measures official inflation, registered a rate of 1.62% in March this year. The indicator was above those observed in the previous month (1.01%) and in March of last year (0.93%). This is the highest rate for a month of seation since the implementation of the Real Plan in 1994.Official inflation rises to 1.62% in MarchOfficial inflation rises to 1.62% in March

The data was released today (8) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). The IPCA accumulates a rate of 3.20% in the year. In 12 months, the accumulated reaches 11.30%, above the 10.54% in February.

The main impact on inflation of seaThe price came from transport, which rose 3.02% in the month. The rate was pulled by the high in fuels, which rose 6.70% in the period. Gasoline was the item with the greatest impact on the IPCA of seasteel (6.95%).

Other fuels with high prices were diesel oil (13.65%), vehicle gas (5.29%) and ethanol (3.02%). Items such as transport by application (7.98%), voluntary vehicle insurance (3.93%) and car repair (1.47%) also increased.

Then come food, with a rise of 2.42%, driven by items such as tomatoes (27.22%), carrots (31.47%), long-life milk (9.34%), soybean oil (8.99%), fruits (6.39%) and French bread (2.97%) . Meals away from home rose 0.65%.

Eight of the nine groups saw price increases: clothing (1.82%), housing (1.15%), health and personal care (0.88%), personal expenses (0.59%), household items (0 .57%) and education (0.15%). The only one with a drop was communication, with -0.05%.

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