Sisalril investigates 163 cases of irregular affiliation

Sisalril investigates 163 cases of irregular affiliation

The Superintendence of Health and Occupational Hazards (Sisalryl) has low research 163 cases of alleged irregular affiliations to the Health Risk Administrators (ARS).

These cases are added to the 162 complaints for similar reasons that that entity received between 2019 and 2020 and that, after a researchended with the sanction to seven ARS.

From current research, 146 cases are due to affiliation and 17 due to irregular transferaccording to statistical data supplied to Free Journal. Most of the complaints from people who say they have not authorized their affiliation in the ARS in which they appear registered.

Last March the Sisalryl issued seven resolutions with which it fined the ARS Be reborn, GMA, Simag, Semma, Future, that of the Dominican Medical College (CMD) and the Monumentalwhich had to pay a fine of about 20 million pesos.

With their investigations, they came to verify that, in some of the cases, the affiliations or transfers were made not only without consultation, but also that the transfer forms have a montage of the image of the affiliate’s ID, identical fingerprints in different affiliates or that the fingerprints and signature do not coincide with that of the member.

In recent statements to this medium, the superintendent of Health and Occupational Risks, Jesús Ferris Iglesias, referred to the increase in these cases that they have observed, while warning that they will be more drastic in the application of fines to the companies that are involved.

He is a journalist at Diario Libre.

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